What is vulvodynia or how you can get vulvodynia pain relief?


When we are going to talk and understand about the vulvodynia than everyone from us starting think or consider that the vulvodynia is a chronic pain or a common medical problem, so this is true or usually it affects the women those are having the age of 18-50 or it can also affect the women of any age, so its very important to know that how you can get vulvodynia pain relief. There are very common symptoms that the women can feel if she have vulvodynia problem like the burning, stinging, aching, soreness, throbbing, rawness and itching in the vulva or we can say in the intimate area and with all of these the women also face pain when they are intimating with their partners. These symptoms can be fell frequently while touching, walking, by wearing the tight clothes or while having sex.

Vulvodynia symptoms may appear slowly or suddenly. They can be triggered by trauma, nerve injury, yeast infection, or result of past sexual abuse. It interferes not only with its ability to have intimate relationships and participate in normal activities such as walking and wearing clothes, but can keep it in bed for days at the same time with pain that no doctor has been able to help her relieve, and that she often Embarchase or ashamed to tell anyone about (including their boss, co -workers, family and friends). For these reasons, and because the vulva and vagina are a large part of the sense of identity, power and creativity of a woman, vulvodynia can cause severe emotional pain, anxiety, depression and a sense of isolation. Because vulvodynia has recently been recognized as a pain syndrome, there are still many medical care providers that are not aware of their existence. When I experienced vulvar pain in 2010, none of the doctors I saw once mentioned vulvodystation. They were perplexed by my symptoms. There was no identifiable cause (that is, yeast or bacteria), so in his opinion there was nothing wrong. A gynecologist who recommended trying mass doses of antibiotics (for a year) in case it was bacterial, although there was no evidence that it was! The lack of awareness on the part of medical care providers combined with the shame of women about having and talking about their symptoms makes it very difficult to determine precisely how many women really suffer with vulvodinia. Major cause of vulvodynia This pain does not have a clear cause and negatively impacts the life of women. The treatment for vulvodynia takes time and can include a combination of topical medications, oral medications and physiotherapy. Knowledge about the cause of vulvodynia is limited. There are many suspicious causes, including inflammation, nerves in the area (neuropathic problems), hormonal factors, musculoskeletal problems and genetic factors (inherited). Often, women with vulvodynia also suffer from other common pain syndromes like following: How does the life of a woman affect vulvodynia? Vulvodynia is not a potentially deadly condition, but it can be stressful and altering the lives of many ways. What should we do for vulvodynia pain relief And with all these important factors you should start some proper medication course for getting rid off completely from this type of problems. MOISTURIZING Vulvodynia Pain Relief GEL| INTIMATE RELIEF Syren Intimate Relief is a topical pain relief gel designed for the treatment of vulva pain and for conditions such as vulvodynia. Formulated with ingredients to soothe inflamed nerves, Intimate Relief is potent yet gentle when applied to sensitive areas. Syren Intimate Relief works by blocking the transmission of pain signals from peripheral nerves in and around the vulva, thus, inhibiting the perception of pain. Intimate Relief also moisturizes and improves blood flow to the vulva.